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- William Bernbach

Ancient Civilizations of the Red Sea

Project Excerpt:

“Imagine tracing the routes of prophets and pilgrims, by land and by sea. You marvel at a once-mighty lost city carved into the rose-red earth. Explore Roman ruins that seem misplaced in this most holy of places. Set a Red Sea course for the ancient shores of Arabia once defended by an Englishman named Lawrence. Later, you set foot in a desert land visited by few Americans before you. And discover a passionate country whose people at once bask in jet-setting seaside resorts and in the glory of their magnificent antiquities.

“Our vacation to Egypt and the Nile River has been wildly popular in 2008. And travelers like you have been telling us that you want to explore more of this part of the world. That’s why I’m so proud to introduce this new Vantage itinerary. It shows you a side of Egypt — far from the typical Nile circuit – that other travelers miss (including two nights in Alexandria), combined with an in-depth look at Jordan, a thrilling 7-night Red Sea cruise to smaller, intimate ports, and a visit to Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the most comprehensive trips we’ve offered to one of the most fascinating and welcoming parts of the world. You can even choose to visit Jerusalem, Israel, as Vantage takes you there for the very first time.”

Project Description: