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"Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art."

- William Bernbach

The Seine: Paris to Normandy

Project Excerpt:

“You’ll discover Paris from the perfect vantage point, the graceful Seine, during a special cruise through the city’s heart. Then sail into a lovely countryside where light plays soft on quiet riverbanks, and where you’ll come to understand how this river has inspired great artists from Renoir to Van Gogh. Pay a visit to Claude Monet’s house at Giverny; the famous lily pond and gardens that he immortalized on canvas are here for you to stroll. Inviting villages and historic cities steer you to Normandy, where we’ve secured the ideal docking space in Honfleur, the seaside town graced with charming quays, and inviting shops and cafes. You’ll stop at St.-Mere-Eglise, one of the famed ‘D-Day villages,’ and pay your respects at the American Cemetery, and Omaha and Utah beaches.”

Project Description:

A few years back, Grand Circle Travel re-launched their Seine River Cruise. They called on me to write a compelling 8-page letter to their clients that not only pulled on the heartstrings of World War II veterans, but created excitement about a triumphant return to one of the world’s most enticing destinations. The biggest challenge in the excerpt above was succinctly summarizing the most exciting features of the itinerary– while retaining a promotional edge. You can decide from the above excerpt whether I succeeded; they seemed to think so. And you click on the company’s logo to the right to read the heart-tugging intro.